Saturday, February 28, 2009

IKEA mannequins....

I came across this in IKEA...
1st it wasn't anything strange being a whole row of mannequins and it seemed that everybody loved to have fun putting weird poses on them...but this...

This is too far....

Alex made it even worse by adding another member, so now instead of a threesome, we have an extra. =.=

Seriously IKEA needs to be more alert about this...what if a kid goes across and sees it and asks his parents: "Hey Dad, why is the doll looking at the other dolls ****?"

I bet the Dad would be saying: (Panicks)" Oh no son, that's just him trying to help his other friend's zipper." "Come along now.."

While other older kids snicker at the embarassment this parent has...

I'm perfectly cool with it, but what about others? :p

Don't even get me started about Chong's suggestion of having male and female mannequins, seriously the story gets even twisted there...>.<

Sunday, February 22, 2009

One Word

I’ve been getting tagged by tons of memes that I lost count of those I needed to do.
In fact the one I hated most is about the 25 random things. I think I got tagged by that 1st…
The problem is that I can’t be random….. I just think before I write…T.T
Ok la gimme time ok?? Therefore I’ve come across a meme that I wasn’t tagged and saw that it was much easier to manage than the random one…so I want to do this one 1st…
Be noted, my blog is also linked to Facebook so probably most of the people would’ve read this there too. Beware those who get tagged. Muahahaha…

USING ONLY ONE WORD! It's not as easy as you might think! Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers. Be sure to tag the person you received it from!
1. Where is your cell phone? -Closeby
2. Your significant other? -Single
3. Your hair? -Buzzed
4. Your mother? -Facebook-ing
5. Your father? -Selection-ing
6. Your favorite place? -Ipoh
7. Your dream last night? -Wonky
8. Favorite drink? -Solo!
9. Your dream/goal? -Win!
10. What room you are in? -Hallway
11. Your hobby? -Thinking
12. Your fear? -Death
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? -NASA
14. Where were you last night? –Wilson’s
15. Something that you aren't? -Pompous
16. Muffins? -Erm…
17. Wish list item? -Grades
18. Where you grew up? -Eepooohhhh
19. Last thing you did? -Bathing
20. What are you wearing? -PJs
21. Your TV? -Nada
22. Your pet(s)? -Jesse!
23. Friends? -Fun
24. Your life? -Sienzzzz
25. Your mood? -Upbeat
26. Missing someone? -Several
27. Car? -Kancil
28. Something you're not wearing? -Underwear
29. Your favorite store? -1U
30. Your favorite color? -Blue
33. When is the last time you laughed? -Today
34. Last time you cried? -Monday
35. Who will resend this? -Tagged
36. One place that I go to over and over? -Wilson’s
37. One person who emails me regularly? -Victor Kwah

There! That should keep the hungry wolves happy for a while. ^_^

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Play with Weddings, it'll turn out true! ;p

Since I've been writing the previous post, I felt the urge to write more.

Told you so. Writer's Block? B**ls**t.

Hesitation. Was the problem. I have too many things to blog about. I just can't make myself write.

I feel even more gutted when my Iphone reformatted itself, and some of the pics that I didn't save were lost. Sorry Frank, Adrianus and Scott.

I just came back from watching The Wedding Game which was starred by Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. They even brought Clares Chan, or 黑人, from Taiwan to feature as a supporting actor.

At first I was quite hesitant about watching it, mainly because it was a Singapore film, from my experience it was not going to be as impressive as the other New Year flicks, therefore my expectations were quite low because of that.

But I was surprised, I actually enjoyed it.

The story started about a celebrity couple who had different motives in their life and set up a relationship to reach their goals. Vikki, who was played by Fann Wong, was this Malacca-born actress who has family problems as her dad faced financial difficulties with their family business. In order to relieve the stress of the financial burden, she chose to involve herself in a agreement to be in a 'relationship' with another top actor, Jack played by Christopher Lee. Jack himself was caught in a scandal with another woman who sneaked into his changing room and got caught performing coitus by a hidden camera. Both of their managers, Tom, by Clares, and May, by Alice Lau reached a mutual interest with their clients plight and planned this scam up.

The actual problem starts when Jack was supposed to propose to Vikki at the awards show and go through a wedding, and seperating after six months being together. However, the point of the wedding was to rake in the sponsorship and media attraction which was vital for Jack, who needed good publicity and Vikki, who needed the cash. Both of them, however, secretly hated each other and arguements ensued once they were away from the spotlight, causing hillarious antics all over the place.

They met several problems along the way towards their wedding. But with the resourcefulness of their managers, they managed to slog through with series of amusing countermeasures, including acting a scene to mislead the audience when they received reports from a fanatical supporter of Vikki who was obviously envious about the 'union' and sought to sabotage then by taping their private arguements behind the stage. They also had to move in together in Jack's house and perform intimate displays at the window in Jack's room for the papparazzi's to take, giving them move convictions to 'legitimize' their relationship.

But as the story goes, they both got to know each other and understood each other's needs and desires. They even made the journey back to Vikki's hometown in Malacca where they met her father and the whole neighbourhood. And a scene where different races, or shall I say typical Cuti-cuti Malaysia scenes popped out showing racial unity, and them dancing amongst and eventually kissing due to public demand. It was at that point, they found that it was no longer an 'agreement' any longer.

At that point, all hell broke loose as the plot thickens and the agreement was exposed by her fanatical fan, no thanks to Tom's homosexuality. The media stormed at them and demanded answers and an apology, but Jack went speechless and left Vikki to fend against the media alone.

Jack felt guilty about it and sought to redeem himself. As he searches for him he eventually assumed Vikki would run away and return to her hometown, which with the help of the neighbourhood he managed to chase down her bus and somehow got her to stop by meeting an accident along the way, which was a funny scene played by Saiful Apek and Christopher Lee.

The ending. Not surprising, eh? All's well ends well. That's all I'm going to say.

The music wasn't that attractive until I watched the movie. It felt compatible with the atmosphere. And I made myself stand in their shoes all the way through the movie, asking myself what I would've done in their shoes, and understood why they did this. It was acceptable, and the series of events logical. Though I must say the party at Malacca was a show. There might be certain communities who would do so but seriously, in Malaysia, that is virtually impossible in our daily lives.

However, it made me think about the marketability of this movie. Clearly it was tailor-made for the SEA audiences. I felt connected with the story and I could relate to and understand their antiques, like the part where Saiful Apek went on and scolded Jack about his relationship with Vikki in Malay. I was soooo amused and yet worried, if I could make my overseas friends enjoy this show as well. Clearly this is one movie I would really like to share with them. Most of them don't even know how our live goes. They think we swing on trees. XD (Sorry that was a comment from Min Min to Wilson, wait a minute, MinMin's a Penangite la...swt)

But seriously if anyone asks me what I think would be the best show to let those Chinese and HongKees appreciate our culture, this is it. For the time being. I really hope to see more collaborations and quality movies like these come out in the future. We have the potential, we need to stay focused and go for it, and not just treat it like any other movie we have in the past. That I believe so.

Btw, that sums up my review of The Wedding Game, as usual, long-winded. But it tell you that I enjoyed it. Congrats Ekachai Uekrongtham, you won me over.

(PS: For those of you who think the state government was unjustly taken over, wear black tomorrow to show your regret over the death of democracy in Perak!)

One more week...

I haven't been a responsible blogger.

I have tried time and time again to write, but unfortunately I just can't.

Seems like a writer's block, no?

I don't think so. I just feel...

I appreciate the things people tell me and especially from my family, who has been nothing but supportive. This trip back has been like a recharge to me. It rekindles the flame to work and strive harder. Therefore, I believe I have the need to come back every single year, regardless on how the system goes. Even for a week, I would come back to my homeland.
Things haven't been idle to me. 9 weeks away from my studies, but everyday is filled with different surprises.
By next week, my flight will be taking me back to where my future will be. But deep down, I feel gutted to leave, no matter how long they give me.
I miss the vineyards there, but I miss my mom's garden even more.
I miss Subway there, but I miss the Yin Yeong Baked Bread here even more.
I miss those friendly people there who treat you as an equal, but I miss my family and friends even more.
I miss my dog, Jesse, the most.
Happy times are short, don't waste it away. I'll be sure to take note of that next year.
Nothing's stopping me going back next year. It's a must.