Thursday, June 19, 2008

Abrupt Transmission

Honestly, the previous post caught me off guard.

My 1st reaction was


Felt like writing for days but no mood. Apparently exams are coming soon so it would seem smart to study than to write. Then again, I don't think I made much progress. Therefore, writing won't hurt much.

I cannot understand why, whenever my friends are around I just can't study. But apparently with them all either away or catching up on sleep I immediately do thousands of times better with them.
With music, the reaction increases. Can you believe that? One song that i just downloaded of the net could stimulate my mind and make it understand Statics which a few days ago I have no idea what I was doing.
Either L'arc-en-Ciel are good stimulants, or I'm just easily stimulated by music.

Therefore I'm forcing myself to download anything at random and see how I react.

Hoho, I feel refreshed!! Music really cures me more than all the crap food we go to makan everyday!!

That's it, I can declare myself somebody who cannot live without music.

Screw food. Music is my food. Oh no, can't say that i've been making myself eat stuff while watching food blogs like Motormouth From Ipoh and Ipoh Mali. I really miss home T.T, ahem i mean the food.

Maybe Jesse.

Beware, she looks innocent but she's a cunning dog who sheds crocodile tears XD

Siapa kata she fat hah?!

It's no wonder i get thinner and thinner. I've been feeding on music!

Read a post from Kenny Sia about his trip to Bali. I can't believe Bali is somewhere u can get pork. That Babi Guling Ibu Oka is so appetizing...zomfg i've always wanted to go to Bali once. Regardless of whether i would be bombed. Who cares anyway kena bomb ma bomb lo wtf.

I see this pic i adi wanna try...T.T

But then again Japan is another good idea. New Zealand also not bad. Or Europe! Swt my family now recession la...aish.

Ok la go back to studies. Maybe after the exams i'll be posting on several stuff i've delayed due to lack of photos or the blogger himself takde patience finish it.

Anyway it's just a reason for me to gtg.

PS: Munkey, please identify urself wor. Sked alot of people weih, haha.

PPS: Pray hard for me mom, coz i really dun think i'm in a good position now.


Yui out.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rude Invasion

I know this is abrupt.

I haven't even properly introduced myself.

But then.

I had this urgent well, urge to rant. So, here we are, me typing out my rants, you reading the rants of a complete stranger while thinking who the f*** is this???

Ever wished you had the ability to read other people's minds? Ever wished that humans could be less complicated than evolution made us to be??
Ever wished there were no such things as standards set by the society??
Ever wished you could just bash someone in the head, dig out his/her brains, scrutinise every neuron carefully--a process which seemed to be less complicated than trying to guess what's going on inside instead???

Well, come find moi, and togetehr we can devise plans on how to dissect other people's skulls and brains without getting jailed by laws(none other than the results society's standards again)

Just stop fucking with my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP IT!!!!LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!
Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*takes deep breath*

Okay that's all I wanna say.

:) its a beautiful day, beautiful world, with beautiful people. :)

Thats all.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Exam this is a short post.
So upset i'm not doing what i'm supposed to do that whole semester. Slacking and stuff. It would take a miracle to pass everything right now. Sigh.
See mom? I'm studying now.
This is Maths.
Chemistry. (Even though I'm only going to do Materials next sem wtf)

Statistics(Dunno why, also not my subject, but study interest ma... :p )

Electrical and Electronic Engineering(nah...something more to what I study).

See, I even write my aims. Am so pumped up to do work now..^^

Bwahahahahaha...funny leh! Got this email from someone, it's soooooo true.

Ok back to studies. IF not kena supplementary exam I die ler... T.T