Sunday, April 26, 2009

In Dedication...

Today I shall do something out of the ordinary.

Today, I shall blog about something in my possession for about 4 years. And, I'm about to let it go.


I met it on my trip to Taiwan and I hoped that it would bring me luck and fortune since I have had a torrid time in the previous year. This is it. My Jade Pi Xiu, or you can pronounce it as 貔貅 in Chinese. And the details here.

But just to clarify it in a simple manner (for lazy people who dun like to click to other links because their farking fingers kenot press another click wtf) instead of being branded for having such occult items, this is a short explaination:

"In Chinese Feng Shui, a Pi Xiu is a mythical animal which is depicted with the head of a dragon and a dog or lion's body often with hoofs, little wings and a tail. The Pi Xiu is a loyal guardian that is frequently seen guarding the tombs of emperors or on the roofs of important buildings. It is believed a Pi Xiu absorbs evil and as it has no anus the evil cannot escape and infect the place it protects. It also absorbs wealth from all directions and signifies money coming in without going out which is why they are often depicted with a full belly standing on a bed of Chinese coins. A Pi Xiu is also believed to attract short-term wealth, as in a lottery win or a cash bonus so is very auspicious in Feng Shui terms. "

Technically, it is an animal with no anus. That somehow does not allow it to leak any wealth away. According to the experts, it also absorbs all the owner's bad luck and dissipates it out in a good scent (I never smelt it so I dunno). And the longer you wear it, the more it shapes to the master's form. If you noticed, it has flecks of white in the Jade when I bought it, it was jet black.

Nah see no anus de...

It was to my attention I needed it because I lacked the water element, which then would affect my studies and also my aquaintence with people, as many of you might recall, everything wasn't doing well, I acquired it so that I could get myself out of the mess. It doesn't mean everyone must wear a dark coloured one, my sister has one in white and yellow Jade and it looks grand with its shape looking more like a real animal instead of mine that looks like it was all in a piece. I didn't complain and accepted it with all my heart. Even though it was small, the workmanship was impressive, it was etched and designed in detail.

Now since this is an auspicious jade and item to keep, why throw it away?

The problem is this.

Chipped on the leg = Bad Luck

I dropped it and it has a chip on the left front leg. Which is a bad thing, according to my sister who just came back from Taiwan.

She went there and met with the person who sold it to her the last time and the 1st response the person had with it was to wrap it up and threw it away. Hers too, had one of the front legs broken but I'm not sure for what reason it was. She didn't even get to say goodbye with it!!

And she wasn't alone, there was the guide who had the same problems with her 3 legged one and she has had torrid encounters since then with complaints from her previous groups. My sister couldn't get a proper, care-free job even as we speak and has fell out of favour with her friends. Mine, need I to say? I just got over a bitch who couldn't care less how the people who cared about her the most were those who criticized her the most.

All this while, while it didn't actually take away my bad luck. It did bring me loads of good friends, friends that some I still keep in touch and appreciate a lot. I did become more sociable and even though I did miserably in STPM, I managed to go somewhere to do something I wanted to do. I'm not sure who to give credit to, but I know I wouldn't have done a lot alone, and that belief it gave me.

I have been reluctant to throw it away for years since it got chipped and I felt bad to waste my parents money just like that. But somehow I remembered something my grandmother had with the jade bracelet that snapped when she fell once, it left her unscathered. She told me she had it for years, and it saved her life. She had another one that just got snapped recently and I guess it saved her as well.

Fancy thinking mine just saved my ass as well. Pun intended. Since it has none :p

I tried taking pictures of it and the camera just simply fails to do so. How I wish I had a SLR camera for that.

Therefore my webcam came to the rescue!! Woohoo I love you Dell!! XD

Close up view

Eh not prepared wtf

Front did you see the teeth?

Nah teeth again grrr...
Side....Another side wtf...

I shall dedicate this post to my Pi Xiu, may you rest in peace and I cannot thank you enough for the services you rendered for the past 4 years. I shall regret having to part with you here, but I shall remember you for as long as I can remember and I promise you, your sacrifice will not be in vain.

Now I feel naked again, I wonder what happens after it leaves me. Nonetheless, I've lived 18years without it, I guess it wouldn't be that bad.

I know I'm that sentimental, I just wouldn't let things go. I kept a pencil that was at the end of the tip and I just wouldn't throw it but then I lost my pencilbox and it was gone wtf. That explains why I couldn't give this up so easily, let alone someone.

I'll miss you!! T.T

(PS: Surface for the Pi Xiu was a Casio 570 which I haven't used for ages. Then again he doesn't leave!! Grr!!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Stepping out of the Box

I'm sitting across a room where a huge bunch of girls from China are engaged in a loud conversation about everything from their families, lives, activities done during the semster break, down to the every single detail. Nothing seemed wrong except that is what I see all across the University.

Malaysians stick to Malaysians, everybody sticks to their own group of countrymen. Well maybe not, once in a while you'll see a mixture of people together and for one moment you might even think that there's hope for having diveristy when you hear them speaking native English. That is when you realize they're born and bred here as well. Enough said.

It feels werd having them around today. Unlike the few days before when it was just me and Michael in the room with rows of computer and leaving us with plenty of chances to focuse on what we're supposed to do. Not that we did a lot, since people would love to come over and mindlessly challenge me into something I have played for the past 5 years. Therefore a massacre ensued and I have to put on my pity face at them while I was yawning away when I was playing with them. Their problem? The same as every newbie has. Lack of experience, lack of skill ,and lacking the correct mentality. The latter seemed the worst to me.

I sometimes felt obliged to guide these people to the right path, when I should be really happy to steamroll them time and time again until they quit eventually, OR, study. Then again I have self-doubts of reaching over the Great Wall of China. The social wall, the wall that denies them the ability to reach out to others and talk to them and befriend them. They just to seem to just stick to their own people, thus causing even poorer command of the language, and even poorer understanding of the others.

The fact is, they never left their country at all. They didn't allow themselves to forget who they were, where they are, and are tied up with the notion that they must stick together. I even had someone I knew immediately dissing off the food pictures I've taken in Barossa without even wanting to experience it for even once. Is it that hard to even step out of the box for once?

I'm not saying that is wrong. I do this too. But once in a while I reach out to some stranger and talk to them and get to know another new soul. Just this mid-term, I had two wonderful days with new people outside my normal circle and that changed everything in me. I sincerely wanted to thank John, XiOng, Amanda and especially Michele for giving me the opportunity to love life once again. I then understood that you can't have too many friends, but it's the quality you have that makes you realize how important they are.

Mid-term is officially over. Two more months and I will be able to see where I am. For once, I wanted to stay.