Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gundam 00 2nd Season

Oh yea!! After months of waiting patiently for Code Geass 2 to end...finally last week my wishes were fufilled >0<
Now it is time for Gundam 00 to return to the stage and complete their mission: To wage war in persuit of peace.
Go Setsuna, Lockon, Hallelujah and Tieria!! Go Go Go!!

Suddenly I noticed that this is not subbed and probably people will be totally confused about what they're talking about. So I'm lets show something else that could clarify some of the confusion to those who have no idea about what this show is about....

I found this couple of months ago and it was hillarious!! This is how screwed up it could be if you're a anime producer.

Enjoy ^_^

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Was forced to eat humble pie today, not really happy about it.

This doesn't concern the conceited monkey stated previously, which I think would be an even bitter pill to swallow.

I used to think having the ability to read someone's mind was a powerful weapon, but now I would rather not read anyone's mind at all, especially hers.

Apparently I could now, and I've just seen something that just kicked me into senses and somehow as much as I want to be in denial like our dear Prime Minister, I have to take this in, listen to her rather than assume, and just accept this as a fact.

Seriously I'm not happy,

I'm not happy with the thing I just read.


Can someone comfort me instead? Because I really don't know how to respond to this...and I need to do some work, sigh.

I've just lost my aim, my passion, my vengence and my anger all in one go. I have no reason to retialate and do what I intend to do four years after this. Which would sound like a good news for Weiqi, and all those people in support of him.

I was gravely mistaken.

In denial I am, but I will take this in deepest consideration.

Conscience guide me, for I shall need it in the days to come.

PS: I've always thought I was DSAI fighting against the oppression, instead, now I feel like oppression was from me instead.

Happy now?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Simple Update

I've decided to annoy everyone with a freakishly gay latest photo of me that I'll be using soon for all my avatars.
I've finally have the capacity to tie a ponytail on the back of my head!! ^_^
Oh shit now I think my blog is turning into a Steven Lim junkyard.

After a 2 week hiatus, I think I should be updating some stuff just in case the moderators think I'm dead or what...touch wood.

Anyway a lot of stuff happened the couple of weeks I've been absent. A friend passed away, a birthday bash, a numerous thoughts, and maybe some weight gained. Damn, after since I've been having breakfasts I think my waistline's expanded a bit. I don't feel as inclined to wear that nice black tight long sleeved shirt that I usually do when I was THIN. Sigh.

Been learning how to play mahjong.

Anyway today's September 16th. Happy Malaysian Day!!

It's something to be happy about. Because:

Anwar's got the numbers to kick BN out.


I'm quite fed up with the double standards, the insults and all the ridiculous things we had to put up with all my life. Even studying here has made me feel the same, all those JPA scholaships and Petronas-bonded gits here who are here free-loading makes me sick. Don't get me wrong, some are really nice, like my mother's friend's sister's niece (lol that's a long relationship.) Linda, she's been a pretty nice person helping me fit around and I really do find her a good fried to have with the pathetic amount of people I can say as friends in my hostel.

And they increased the rent!! Really inclined to move out now....gotta find somewhere decent for that soon, or they'll make me sign that crappy agreement in that short span of time.

Few weeks ago Mom's friend, the lady who owned a pastry shop few doors down came over for her daugther's graduation,(sorry Michele, I have a short term memory with names) and mom actually told her to send something over for my 21st B'day. Therefore I had to go and meet her and pick it up and to my surprise, what I got for my 21st, the one and only B'day that signifies my adulthood is this:

A Fossil Watch with a very interesting background intended to confuse idiots trying to read your watch without your permission.

It's not like what I expected, but mom, haven't you forgotten? I'm bad with watches!! The last watch I had dislocated itself due to the combination of sleazy maintenence and the extreme heat radiating from me. Besides, I've gotten used to rely on my handphone timer than a watch, also the fact that I'm left-handed, putting the watch on my left hand impedes my wrist movement.

But then again, thanks mom for a wonderful gift. Some people only had red-dyed eggs for their birthdays. I should be grateful.

Yet my sis thinks I got a super nice gift for my 21st. What did she get?? A freaking chain with a key-shaped thing in the middle! (That's what usually people get for their 21st B'day!) STFU plz then, I only got a watch, so don't try to compare!

Anyway I'm pissed about some guy who just can't take it when I say something about his friends. I simply cannot understand why someone would be upset about somebody saying something about people he knows. I know plenty of people talk about me behind my back, does anybody feel upset and start to defend me? I wouldn't even feel upset if somebody said something about my friends as well, because I don't have to accept what they say and if they're wrong, I'll correct them or just keep it in because I know how much they're worth, who cares about what they think?? Being upset about me saying things about you is maybe perhaps good sense, but being upset about others? I just don't understand.

Am I that bad of a person?

Because this isn't the 1st time it happened.

The last time was because I made some comment about his friends who acted crazy on front of the camera on facebook. I just said why does he look crazy, and its funny for me. And then he got pissed. I mean, what the hell is wrong with this? And this time, he got pissed because I saw him and his friends talking about this rape case that recently happened in HK and they were "discussing" if the girl was seemingly "consensual" with the accomplices. One of them had a clip and he showed it to us. I saw a few minutes and I was disgusted. Today I told it to my other friend about the case and his friend's actions and he was present and he claimed I was being "a person who wears coloured-lens for my glasses" for saying his friends showed porn on the univeristy comp. I was quite upset with it I walked away from him and ignored him for the whole day.

For the record, it is porn. An act of sexual intercourse display means it is a pornography material. Number two, why the hell would he keep a copy of this heinous clip and show it to us under the context of "being juries" and "analysing the clip for suspicious trails or clues." What makes him better off than me? As if he wouldn't beat off the clip. Number three, why would you be upset about this? Just because I said your friend showed porn? This is ridiculous!!

I'm through with this person. He's been a nitwit all the time I've known him. I've never been happy talking to him, and he leeches off the gang like a blood-sucking leech. He came to me because we're doing the same course, and he tries to fit in with me because I'm from Ipoh and his mom is around the district, bla bla bla. Then he just feeds off me and everyone by being friendly and a dork at the same time. He isn't competent in his studies, and is shockingly clueless about a lot of the fundamental knowledge in engineering or science. He recites math solutions, writes bad English and worse, is a very cheapskate person. We all have to look to him when we want to go out for meals. The bad part is, his family is well-off compared to all of ours. His mom owns a Porsche, his Dad works in the Philippines and his sister is married to some rich guy and he shows it to us on facebook where his sis would sit on a Merc SLK and drive with it....

He even told me the reason he wanted to study Aerospace is because he can go back and become a pilot for Cathay Pacific.


I sometimes think I'm too snobbish and try my best to help him as I know I'm an ass to some people sometimes and ask their favor and I get the same reaction. But he's been nothing kind to me and I'm quite fed up with him.

Look, I've just wasted a few hundred brain cells just being upset about this.

And I thought this was a lovely day.